the sound of the blues


Continuing the music theme, I have often encountered the challenge (and opportunity, of course) of just how much structure and process to bring to a small business to have apositive impact on the pace of growth.

I use a blues/jazz analogy.

The ‘rules’ of the blues are simple, basic and non-invasive!  Start; check-points within; direction and improvisation;  finish.  And the great players (and bands) have enjoyed glorious elasticity in and amongst those structures.

So to apply to the workplace, how much of job spec, reviews, sales plans, weekly reports, sales meetings, one-on-ones, 360°, monthly update, quarterly review, ad hoc updates – how much of all that is fit for purpose, or a bureaucratic burden restricting growth efforts. Think simple, basic, non-invasive?

In my experience, there is a sensitive and smart approach to managing teams and individuals to enable maximum productivity alongside sufficient formality to offer a sense of ownership, direction and accountability.  Don’t confuse a Blues business with the formality of music tied wholly to the printed page.  Let them play!

“The ‘rules’ of the blues are simple, basic and non-invasive.”