From start up to...bigger than (part iv)


Apologies for delay in my third D.  As I am sure that you recall:

D1:  Data accessible, credible, actionable

D2: Dialogues, informal and formal are valuable and productive.

My third D is Doggedness.  Perhaps a strange choice of word – I did consider persistence, fortitude, obstinacy, determination, perseverance, tenacity, and so on.  But there is something in all of those in my chosen word, doggedness.  There is also something both human and animal (etymology dog-like!) about the intent – by which I mean that you need single-minded keep going (dog with bone) combined with the humanity to bring folk (customers, colleagues) with you on the journey.  That in itself is a unique skill, and requires a particular application to continue with direction and execution in the face of cultural, historical and often practical challenge and resistance.  Powers of listening, absorbing, responding and persuasion are of course paramount.  But doggedness carries them all, and indeed carries the day!

“But doggedness carries them all, and indeed carries the day.”