from start up to...bigger than (Part ii)


So owners/founders on side(ish); you are influencing to consensus; and there are the beginnings of focus on customers and people.

Now what?

The three Ds!  Data.  Dialogues.  Doggedness.  DDD.  Today the first D:

1) Data

Data should be accessible, credible and actionable.  Very often in Small/Medium businesses, data is the opposite.  Inaccessible, incredible and therefore non-actionable.  How to work then, ahead of investments in marketing and sales automation? How much time do you want your revenue earners to spend on data?  How much time to do you want to spend as a manager making decisions based on half baked data?  To make progress, there has to be prioritisation, compromise (yes compromise), a roadmap to progress over time, but most of all COMMON SENSE.  

Hone in on the most vital decision supporting data that is indeed accessible, credible and actionable.  Which will spawn the most vital decisions.  Or in other words don’t try and do all at once; make that start, commence some behaviours, and get into the next piece of accessible, credible and actionable data.

“Data should be accessible, credible and actionable.”